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Media Release

May 05 2018

The 570 Australian franchisee owners of Red Rooster, Oporto and Chicken Treat stores earn an estimated $135,000 each per year, with sales growing by more than four per cent per annum, Craveable Brands announced today.

The figures correct false assertions made by a small group of store owners, badged as Franchisee Association of Craveable, who claim they are on the point of bankruptcy.

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Botany Downs Store – Permanently Closed

Mar 21 2017

We regret to inform you that our Botany Down store has been permanently shut down due to a compliance failure. Oporto has strict processes that must be followed in order to deliver our flame grilled finger-lickin chicken. Failure to comply with these processes results in a store permanently closing to protect our customers.

Master Franchisee Award 2016/2017

Nov 24 2016

Master Franchisee of the Year Award –  Category sponsored by McDonald’s New Zealand

Winner – Lawrence & Erica Pereira, Oporto New Zealand.

Although Oporto has been operating in NZ since 2001, Lawrence and Erica only took over the master franchise for New Zealand in August 2015. The couple have considerable retail and media experience.

McDonald’s generously sponsored the Master Franchisee of the Year Award, which was won by Oporto New Zealand.

Oporto currently has 11 stores in New Zealand and over 160 globally. The judges note that, ‘They have positioned themselves in the fresh/premium end of fast food and are currently working on the reimaging of the brand.’

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NZ Herald

Chicken chain seeks franchisees | May 12 2016

Article: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/property/news/article.cfm?c_id=8&objectid=11629573

Oporto new Design

Australasian restaurant chain Oporto is refurbishing its nine New Zealand outlets and is seeking franchisees to operate an additional seven.

Oporto New Zealand’s Master Franchisor, Lawrence Pereira, who has lifted the quick-service restaurant chain’s sales performance more than 30 per cent in less than 12 months, is now enhancing the menu, outlet designs and marketing programme.

He has begun the search for a committed team of franchisees.

“Due to the quality of the brand, this opportunity, being marketed by business broker Ivan Tava, is likely to draw strong interest,” he says.

Oporto’s first store was opened at Bondi, Sydney, in 1986 by a Portuguese immigrant to Australia, Antonio Cerqueira, whose shop became an immediate success based on the preparation methods still used today. Fresh-not-frozen chicken is cooked in the traditional Portuguese-style: marinated, laid flat and flame-grilled, accompanied by Cerqueira’s original secret chilli sauce.

Thanks to public appetite for the distinctive cuisine, Oporto has grown into a successful franchise over the past 30 years, with almost 150 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Pereira has embarked on an extensive review of New Zealand operation, refurbishing New Zealand stores using a “streetscape re-imaging strategy”. He is poised to open the additional stores (including two drive-through outlets) in the coming year – all on proven high-performance sites.

“We have seen a significant lift in performance through simple changes such as the re-introduction of the original chilli sauce and ensuring more careful adherence to standards,” he says.

“Based on results witnessed in Australia, changes we’re about to introduce should see performance soar.”

When franchisees purchase an Oporto franchise, they will be in business for themselves – but not by themselves, he says.

“Owners do not need to have owned a business before but success depends very much on the commitment of the operator to work in the store among the staff.”

Pereira says he is keenly aware that the future of the business depends on the dedication, creativity and co-operation of franchise owners so he places a high value on the selection of the right people who can share his passion for growing Oporto in New Zealand.

“This is perfect time to join Oporto at a stage in its evolution when it has a firm foothold in New Zealand but is set to begin expansion into high-performance sites. We provide all the tools and support for success based on a proven and tested model for the right owner prepared to seize this opportunity.”

He says that, in the competitive quick service restaurant market, Oporto stands out for its intense, complex flavours combined with the comforting familiarity of a burger and grilled chicken while also catering for the fact that people increasingly care about food being fresh, less processed and with fewer artificial ingredients.

“The chicken is guaranteed high quality, with a stable price thanks to an exclusive supply agreement with local chicken producer, Ex-Quiz-Eat.”

Oporto also has supply partnerships with Tegel, Heinz Watties, Detpak, McCain, George Weston Foods, Alba Oil, North Harbour Cool Foods, Coca-Cola and Fonterra.

Oporto oversees the construction and fit-out of all stores using approved independent contractors.

The estimated cost of fitting-out locations varies depending on the nature of the site. This is about $700,000 to $900,000 plus GST for a drive-through; $350,000 to $450,000 plus GST for a shopping centre location; and $450,000 to $550,000 plus GST for a larger location.

Oporto franchisees can expect:

• A brand refresh and new store fit-outs already tested and proven in the Australian market.

• All supply arrangements negotiated including pricing, trading terms, logistics and promotions.

• Before opening their own store, all franchisees complete Oporto’s initial training programme which can be followed up if required.

• Advertising contributions received from all stores are used to fund national brand building and promotional campaigns. The group advertising helps increase brand and product awareness in all areas where there is an Oporto store.

• Oporto’s Master Franchisor provides consultancy on the use of the corporate logo and marketing guidelines at the local level. Stores are actively encouraged to get involved in local community events.

• Point of Sale (POS), menu displays and back-office systems are managed centrally with state-of-the art software providing constantly updated and highly detailed analysis of store performance for an owner to easily and effectively manage and optimise the performance of their store.

• Support services and tools to assist franchisees to run and manage their own businesses include: input into business plans; ongoing business support and systems; product sales bench-marking information; training support and operating manuals; the benefit of centralising marketing, media buying and advertising.


Oporto NZ

QSRH Announces new master franchise owner for New Zealand | Apr 27 2016

We are excited to announce Oporto Franchising NZ Ltd with directors Lawrence and Erica Pereira as the new master franchise owner for New Zealand as of the 1st September 2015. Lawrence and Erica will be leading Oporto New Zealand into a new and exciting phase. They have a very strong retail background and have already established relationships with key suppliers, which no doubt will improve and strengthen the performance of the Oporto New Zealand business.

Lawrence and Erica have done extensive research into the Oporto business and are confident that our unique fresh-not frozen, grilled-not fried, chicken and burgers will continue to have strong appeal amongst the ever growing health conscious consumers in New Zealand. Oporto’s first opened in North Bondi in 1986 giving birth to the iconic “Bondi Burger” and the central platform of Oporto’s product offering. A relentless focus on super fresh products, fantastic service coupled with Oporto’s legendary secret sauces, have helped the brand carve a unique place for itself in the fast food industry. Oporto’s opened its first franchised store in 1996, and since that time franchising has become a key element in Oporto’s ongoing success. The group currently consists of 181 stores with more than 98% under franchise ownership and many multiple store operators. The Oporto brand has experienced significant growth in the last five years and today Oporto has a bright future with franchising the primary strategy for sustained growth Globally.

Oporto Franchising Limited (Australia) www.qsrh.com.au welcome Lawrence and Erica to the Oporto family! “They have our 100% support and we look forward to working with them to build a strong and profitable Oporto business in New Zealand” says Anthony Reynolds Head of Oporto International OPS Lawrence will head the Oporto Franchises with the support of a management team located in Auckland, commenting that “Now is a critical time for us to focus on giving the “Oporto “ Brand the opportunity to grow quicker and faster in New Zealand.”