Oporto – Fresh Grilled Chicken and Burgers

Oporto NZ

We are excited to announce Oporto Franchising NZ Ltd with directors Lawrence and Erica Pereira as the new master franchise owner for New Zealand as of the 1st September 2015. Lawrence and Erica will be leading Oporto New Zealand into a new and exciting phase. They have a very strong retail background and have already established relationships with key suppliers, which no doubt will improve and strengthen the performance of the Oporto New Zealand business.

Lawrence and Erica have done extensive research into the Oporto business and are confident that our unique fresh-not frozen, grilled-not fried, chicken and burgers will continue to have strong appeal amongst the ever growing health conscious consumers in New Zealand. Oporto’s first opened in North Bondi in 1986 giving birth to the iconic “Bondi Burger” and the central platform of Oporto’s product offering. A relentless focus on super fresh products, fantastic service coupled with Oporto’s legendary secret sauces, have helped the brand carve a unique place for itself in the fast food industry. Oporto’s opened its first franchised store in 1996, and since that time franchising has become a key element in Oporto’s ongoing success. The group currently consists of 181 stores with more than 98% under franchise ownership and many multiple store operators. The Oporto brand has experienced significant growth in the last five years and today Oporto has a bright future with franchising the primary strategy for sustained growth Globally.

Oporto Franchising Limited (Australia) www.qsrh.com.au welcome Lawrence and Erica to the Oporto family! “They have our 100% support and we look forward to working with them to build a strong and profitable Oporto business in New Zealand” says Anthony Reynolds Head of Oporto International OPS Lawrence will head the Oporto Franchises with the support of a management team located in Auckland, commenting that “Now is a critical time for us to focus on giving the “Oporto “ Brand the opportunity to grow quicker and faster in New Zealand.”