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Spin The Wheel Promotion


Oporto franchising NZ Ltd is running a competition called spin to win in chosen Oporto franchises. Prizes that can be won during the period of this competition are listed on the wheels displayed in store. Prizes can be “instant” or “on next purchase”. These are clearly listed under each giveaway slot on the wheel. Due to the compact nature of the wheel, slots are labelled briefly and not in full detail. All customers are expected to have read the following terms and conditions in order to avoid conflict, confusion or disappointment.

Promotion terms and conditions are as follow:

  • There is a minimum spend of $20.00 to be eligible to spin the wheel at any Oporto store.
  • All product slots labelled “with next purchase” can only be redeemed on customers next purchase at Oporto following the win.
  • Spin to win can not be redeemed with any other promotion or offer. If a customer presents a stamp in-store to receive a product previously won from spin to win, they are not eligible to re-spin the wheel even if the value of the purchase is over $15.00.
  • The free lamb burger slot allows customers to redeem a free lamb burger on their next purchase of a lamb burger. There is a limit of one free lamb burger per person, per win upon next purchase.
  • Free 420ml drink refers to ANY drink in store up to this volume and will not always be of the customer’s choice.
  • “Better luck next time” slots refer to no giveaway, nor “instant” nor “with next purchase” and means the customer will have to spend $15.00 again to be eligible to spin the wheel and try again.
  • All instant prizes on the wheel will be offered to customers on the spot, these will not be re-offered at a later point in time if the customer refuses to accept this on win.
  • Buy one, get one free refers to any burger or wrap on the menu. There is a limit of one free burger per person, per win. All combos, and other products outside of our burger/ wrap menu are not included in this deal.
  • The “Free meal upgrade” slot only applies to one meal purchased by the winner.
  • Winning customers will be presented with a stamp, written offer, staff signature and expire date on the back on their receipt in store. Customers are bound by this expiry date and no offer will be honored once expired.
  • Oporto takes no responsibility for lost or misplaced signed receipts presenting the offer won by the customer. If a customer is not able to present the singed offer in store, no free product will be given by staff.
  • All deals won by customers can only be redeemed at the store the deal was issued at.

Oporto franchising NZ Ltd reserves the right to amend or change any or all of the above terms and conditions as they see fit.